Image Library

Image Library

Image Library is a small plugin for Eclipse 3.2-3.5 wich was designed to simplify crawling images from target platform and workspace. 

You may download and install it using following update site: '

Image Library has following majour features:

Images View

After the installation Images View will be available in Show View -> Others -> Images. It allows to:
 • view images from the target platform and workspace, 
 • expand/collaps all operations, 
 • copy image to clipboard and paste it into the workspace,
 • zoom level configuration,
 • drag image to any view containing file lists,
 • filter images by the filename.

Image Hover

When hovering over any image the content of image file with the dimensions appears in tooltip. In Images View where long filenames are truncated it also displays full name of the file. This feature is available in 'Package Explorer', 'Resource Navigator' as well as in other views and dialogs.


Paste Image

Finally when you've found necessary image you can use it in your project. Just copy it to the clipboard and use Paste Image action from the folder context menu to save it to the workspace.