There are only few free charting solutions for SWT. Most popular of them are using charting component of BIRT Project and using JFreeChart through SWT/AWT bridge or by JFreeChart experimental SWT support. 

During our work on ongoing projects we have found that each of this approaches has some flaws?. This flaws forced OnPositive Team to create our own charting library for SWT. 

SWTChart project is hardly inspired by JFreeChart project design and code base. Actually most of it's parts are just adaptation of JFreeChart to SWT. 

Current project state: 

Currently project is on alpha stage. Current stable release version is 1.0. 

Distinctions from JFreeChart:


  • Despite of JFreeChart library has no dependencies and is packaged as a single ready to use OSGI bundle.
  • To the moment SWTChart supports only subset of JFreeChart capabilities which was directly needed by us in our work, in the next release we plan to create additional modules which will include features that are currently not supported but exist in original JFreeChart library.


Project is licensed under LGPL License 


Currently project is located under svn://onpositive.com/svnroot/projects/charts/ 


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Password: 12345