Agile Process


 Key activities  Deliverables
Requirements analysis
  • Capturing project requirements
  • Understanding high-level architecture, estimating project cost.
  • Identifying critical risks, creating solution prototype if it is needed.

Project requirements document and high level project plan.

Bid which includes resources, time, equipment, staff and cost.

Design phase.
  • Creating a detailed plan for the implementation phase.
Project plan and high level design documents.
  • Producing program code, unit tests and documentation.
  • Testing and validating program code.

Status reports.

Periodical program code drops.


Quality assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing.
  • Fix the reported issues.

Issues in project issue tracking system, project status reports.

Support and maintenance
  • Maintaining the solution integrity while staying in sync with customer needs.
Issues in project issue tracking system, status reports.