Enterprise process


 Key activities  Deliverables
Business Concept
  • Creating a business case
Requirements analysis
  • Capturing requirements
  • Scoping the system
SRS (Software Requirements specification).
High-level design
  • Designing a high-level architecture
  • Identifying critical risks
  • Detailed research into the opportunity, estimating of revenue and costs to realize the opportunity.
  • Formulating a bid which includes resources, time, equipment, staff and cost
Project plan.
Detailed design
  • A functional specification and a set of storyboards incorporating wireframes of the application elements depicting the process and technology interplay
  • Creating a detailed plan for the Implementation phase
SAD (Software Architecture Document). Identifies the software components and describes components design.
  • Producing program code.

Status reports.

Periodical program code drops.

Quality assurance
  • Planning the testing using the functional specification as input. Executing the test scripts and manual tests, recording results and reporting issues and bugs to the development team.
  • User Acceptance Testing.
  • Development team fix the reported issues.

Test plan.

Test reports.

  • Create user manuals and other documentation.
  • Maintain the solution integrity.